Serenity is…. Dirty hands…

Handing things over. One step at a time.

Slowly, but surely, fixing the old car to an extent it is at least road legal, with the correct paperwork to prove it.

You would not believe how much of a police magnet I am. 

Until I smash the front of the car and take to it with boots and hammers. Then I drive around for two months with every police person in the Wellington region staring at me, but NOT ONE SiNGLE ONE OF THEM HAS PULLED ME OVER. No number plates, no bumper, no bonnet. No lights sometimes. And yet they all stop, do a double take, and then drive on pretending not to notice.

What is not so serene is spending days helping people out with volunteer work, coaching or just plain running people around and helping their sorry asses…. And getting shat upon as a result.

The mental health ward meeting was crap on Tuesday. I went to leave with a nurse and she actually pushed me in the shoulder with force and said “no mate, you’re not allowed out here” as she presumed I was an escaping forced custodial treatment receiver. She then laughed about it loudly with her boyfriend once other staff had made it clear to her she was out of line. She then said something like “lucky I didn’t use much force then” laughing… I said something like “lucky for you, coz you may have ended up on the wrong side of it” to myself quietly.

Don’t know what their rules are for using force, but if a lady on the street pushed you into a shoppe against your will, am fairly convinced you should break her nose and ask questions later.

If a policewoman pushes you using force with no warning or justification you are entitled to use just force to protect and defend.

But a nurse fresh out of nursing school with a too big for boots attitude? Don’t know. Trip her up and laugh at her maybe?

Anyway. What has been treating me well the last couple of days is pulling the front end off the car (bumpers, lights, radiators, fans, battery, bonnet, grille, side panels…) and fitting back on with parts from different cars. Subaru Lancaster bumper, Au3 radiator (not fitting – damnit – will need angle grinder and welder), etc….

Progress is good.

Perfection it isn’t.


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