When dealing with capitalists…

When dealing with capitalists you should remember you are dealing with capitalists. Addicts of the highest denomination.

Had a bit of a chat with one of the soccer football Mums about attempting to coach her team, along with mine, for one hour each Tuesday. I have real trouble working out the parenting skills or attitudes of these people.

TEN KIDS means TWENTY PARENTS. And not one single one of them can come along to training 4pm on Tuesdays? Not one single one can lose a couple of work hours?

Not even when their kids are running amok and creating havoc at the very trainings they should be learning from…..

These kids are….. Well…. Problems waiting to happen. And you can blame (partly) the parents. You can blame (mostly) the capitalist society which promotes happiness via purchasing more and / or throwing the old.


I was very happy on Saturday when the real “coach” (the guy who shows up on Saturdays to give out the oranges) took me aside after our game and said they had all got together and discussed the situation…

I was hopeful someone would be there on Tuesday…

He said they had discussed it with the club and had a whip around.

He was offering me money.

Turned it down.

Even though had to borrow money for petrol to get to the football team photos the next day… Don’t want money. Want them to spend some time with their bloody kids.

Turns out the kids quite like my car.

Some of the parents do to.

They’ve never seen anything like it. Nor someone absolutely mad enough to bother with it.

To them it is the ultimate folly.

To me it is progress.

A work in it.


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