Stubbornness. Stupidity. Tenacity.

When doing a sunroof by yourself on a day with showers, wind and 7 degree’s Celsius you may be should work out a way of holding the cassette against the roof. Probably weighs 20kg and is hard work to line up in position against gravity and hold there whilst you make adjustments.

Of course, if all your friends weren’t either ;

  • working and too straight and boringor
  • using heaps of drugs and being too stoned and downright fucken useless

you would have no problem doing this at all.

Just saying

However, doing it by yourself, is a nightmare.

Nightmare enough that you’d probably just give up and go get some shitty tattoo’s instead… 

Horace and the Spiders


If you had any brains or fear of shit going wrong you would not cut holes in roof on rainy day.

Was at the workshop to cut a hunk of metal off the handbrake as am repositioning it in the cabin. Since my big Bosch angle grinder had a disk seized on it that just would not budge,  the roof install seemed logical.

Logical is a somewhat bendable concept in the time space warp continuum of living life on somewhat obscure terms.

When you find the jigsaw has no blades, you spend some time making one out of an old hacksaw blade…. It works, but keeps shattering, so you spend a lot of time swearing… And since you cannot be bothered finding your saftey glasses you spend a lot of time cutting with your eyes shut. And swearing.

Your nibbler has overheated and bent doing previous alloy cutting… So you spend two hours just making and fixing tools. Which is good for serenity. But not good for picking up daughter at 4pm.

Started cutting hole in roof at 11am. Had sunroof in position and sealed against rain at 3:50pm. Of course, having the sentenced gang member periodic detention workers looking over the fence and laughing when the rain starts coming down was a motivating factor.

Far more motivating for me was running late to pick up daughter at 4pm.  Picked up daughter from her house 20km away at 4:15 in pouring rain.

Some believe in a higher power.

Am beginning to think mine is more like a hire power.

I am either very lucky, or will have to pay back this HIRE POWER one day. With interest.

Of course, normal people would just say no and go do some normal shit. Just saying no is not an option.

Being able to go up and down on Ritalin is good. Controlling the problematic me whilst keeping the creative me going is a up and down thing.

Managed properly this is an asset.

Not managed it results in jail, institutions or death. And some seemingly crazy odd tattoos.



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