I.Q. TESTS. Crap.



Just checking to see if I’m still measuring below what was once me.

And yes. I am. Looks like the new normal for my goodself is 130-140 region. Which is okay. Considering I stopped using my brain twenty five years ago.

Might have to start training.

Doing some Neuroplasticity work on the inside of me mellon.


Alternatively we should all get together and create a nice simple DVD for parents of ADHD kids.

And cross our fingers for a change of government in order to get funding.


One Comment

  1. Hi,
    First of all, sorry for being late to comment on your “article”.
    And sorry again for mistakes I could do when writing because I’m french :/

    So back to business now.
    I ended up in your website looking for informations about Lorde., Because I’m really fond of her and I have to say that I found it very relevent.
    If we ignore the age difference between us (I’m only 23), I discovered that we have some common points, you and me.

    Regarding what I’ve read so far, I have the impression that you are full of regrets about your drugg addict past, that you are still angry about a lot of things. You most certainly think that you are/were smarter than a lot people : I’m not here to comment about that. But what I would like to say is go to a real shrink if you want to pass a proper IQ test (I highly recommend the “Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale”).. Don’t belive any stupid random number given on the free IQ tests you’ll find online. One of my dummest friend once told me got 127 online…
    And anyway, I read, studied,,wrote and thought enough about what intelligence is and how relevent IQ tests really are to say that among all of the tests I have heard of, I haven’t seen a single one complete enough to reflect something as complex as intelligence.
    So yes, “I.Q.TESTS. CRAP.” you are right to say that, but trying real ones might change your mind. (I did 3 times 3 different official tests when I had manic depression as a teenager, cause the shrink was interested -so was I- to see the variations of the results depending on which phase I was in;

    I’ll be looking forward to speak with you, but just in private, I wouldnt want some random 99 % percent people in the conversation, :YA KNOW, haha.

    Take good care, and answer me 🙂 🙂


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