I’m all about the bass. The bass, no treble…

I’m all about the bass. The bass, no treble… It’s true. Sue me.

But then this little snippet comes along…

And, well… Catchy enough. Cute even. But really prefer the Auckland law school chicks version of …. Ah fuck. Just watch it…

Not only does it have better bass (ironically) but it has hash tags such as #notfuckingplastic


I am all about the bass… True story.

Really am quite hopeless with everything else. It’s not a case of liking bass. It’s more a case of everything else seems not to warrant attention.

Those who know me, or know addiction ADhD type stuff will see where this is heading… Roll over and go back to sleep you guys.

For the rest of you…

  • Got up.
  • Have to take some antiboitics for some infection in my eye.
  • Had breakfast (pills have to be taken with food)…
    (heading up the list of all time favourites – Has been on high rotation for almost two years now)…
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Fire up the computer.
  • Listen to some other music whilst looking at twitter and facebook.
  • Have a coffee.
  • Clean the oven, the sink.
  • Put on clothes.
  • Sit back at computer to start doing something creative with the day.

I should be compiling a list of things to provide the mother of my kid some help with my kids ADHD issues.

But are not… No sir. Am writing another post on the worlds shittest blog.

Really must go and count the amount of pills left to see if I have remembered to take one or not.

………..   NOT. I had not taken the damn pill.

There you have it.


Not treble. Not songs of love. Nor angst.


Not pills and procedures.

But when your procedures and capitalist crap reach the extent of stupidity, the world is probably better off with a bunch of ADHD DRUG ADDICTS.




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