Everyone knows them.

They are the visable face of PROBLEMATIC ADDICTIONS.

The acknowledged poster childs for RECOVERY.

Can YOU spot one? Bet you can’t.

They could be the face of corporates. Functioning addicts maybe. Addicted to what or whom is another matter. A matter discussed at length previously on these well thought and amazingly well researched pages I like to term “the worlds shittest blog”.

Addict comes from the old meaning of “being slave to a master”. Or more accurately (IMO) the term of use as in a master — “here is my slave, he is now your addict”.

The supply chain dynamic of the illicit drug supply may be the drug addicts only problem.

The drug addict may have huge problems. May lose all teeth. May become a poster child for death and recovery.

Oh come on – World Health Pussy cats and your PC crap.

Do not give the green light for the world using DEPENDANT instead of ADDICT. For fucksake people.

I was a junkie.

I am an addict.

I am dependant on my car to travel to the shops as my back is sore.

I am not addicted to my car.

I am dependant on taking pain killers to work as a builder.

I become addicted to pain killers as increasing amounts are required.


I become a junkie.

I am still dependant on my car mind you.

All this has been said previously by me. A lot has been said previously by me. Hopefully it will make one person in the world think a little.

Try thinking a lot.

Try Bruce K Alexander. Rat Park


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