Been doing some stuff… Stuff is good.

Fuck me. What a week. Busy as all buggery. Busy as a bee. Busy as a buggered bee being chased by CCDHB mental health staff with their strap on dildos set to “super vibrate”

Monday worked on car all day.Had to work quick. Rain was coming and hole in roof and having no bonnet… Well… It ain’t rocket science.

Tuesday was spent sorting out a poster thing before doing kids football.

Wednesday. Uhm. Fucken too busy. Did not take notice of Wednesday.

Thursday. Oh shit. I was in court all day. Represented myself. I am a really shit lawyer. I did not open one single document before sitting in the court at 11am. I left court ar 3.30pm with the judge saying “I will reserve this decision until 8th September.” At one stage the Judge, the Prosecutor, the court typist and the Police cunt stable in the dock were all laughing with me. Representing yourself has some moments.

Some of those “laugh at me, or laugh with me” ones.

Fucken worth it. Even if the lawyer ….

(old “mate” from twenty years back whom has helped get me some “not guilties” and also got me into the high court for sentencing once — highly recommend that one too….. Got six months instead of two years as high court judges are more used to serious stuff… Managed to get District Court to decline jurisdiction. Awesome) 

Fucken worth it. Even if the lawyer …. May have thought it was incredibly silly not to open the documents until after the case had started. The prosecutor and the judge may have thought so too. But at the end of the day, the pig shits and the prosecutor really were looking very much like “oh shit”. Not like “smarmy” or “smart” or “confident” or “arrogant” in the slightest.

Dickheads. Just as I have some crap tattoo’s, the worlds shittest hair cut and have a little trouble opening envelopes for three months…… You think I am stupid?


Don’t know if I can appeal for “really useless lawyering” after they find me guilty. Probably not. But what the fuck. Heard a few lawyers joking that I had missed my calling and should have been a lawyer. Idiots. I would have been bared and censored long ago. Maybe even shot by some Judge after blowing up her car.



So, really. A lot of stuff done. Am getting to grips with this RITALIN crap. Am using slightly more than prescribed. Maybe 60 or 70mg a day rather than 50mg. But it is now 3am, and I’ve got to a point where I can stop working on the poster. Spent five hours doing that from 10pm. All afternoon was spent doing 3D graphics whilst kid proves she is MINECRAFT ANONYMOUS requirement. This morning was kids football coach.

2x1m graffix for Otago University presenting at a rather flash addiction conference. Wish I was going!

A preview of my 2x1m graffix for a local medical research university presenting at a rather flash addiction conference. Wish I was going!


A busy little life.

And not one “Hi, I am NZFIEND, and I am an addict” has passed my jaded old lips for three weeks.

You know what?


I feel BETTER for not being with a bunch of N.A members.

Bloody seriously?

They were a help for three months giving up and doing withdrawals.
But if this last week is anything to go by –


Identify as a kids football coach. Identify as a mechanic. Identify as a designer. Identify as a helper, a giver, a candlestick maker. Identify as male prostitute.


Just don’t identify as an addict.

She’ll be right mate.


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