Just in case you thought for a second you didn’t have ADHD…



Uhm, yeah. Well…  Got me. Observed this in myself years ago – could keep many computers to myself (three was a good number) and have huge amounts of open programmes, windows and clip boards open on all three. Is even worse on systems with multiple monitors.

Facebook came up with a “29 things ADHD’ers would understand”.


“Oh my, hahahahaha.,,,, Better take a screenshot….”

This screen shot does not really do it justice.

There is also two instances of another browser running with about a dozen tabs in each, a spreadsheet, two twitter accounts… Etc etc. Maybe I should take a photo of the computer desk itself!

And just why am I on the computer in the first place? I was supposed to be researching a new tattoo idea. Half an hour ago.



Four or five hours later….



The Quill, 1983.

Greame Yeandle, Gilsoft, allow every ten year old to make a database text adventure.

I was one of them.

The Quill and, subsequently, the Illustrator were the only ZX Spectrum software packages I ever paid for.

Other than Oceans COBRA actually. Go figure.


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