And now, not so depressed at all

You see, I am  not even writing this from bed. One hour ago my phone twerped a tweet and email. Before that it chimed an email or two. Someone on the same wavelength cashing in on more accurate forms of communication than direct head to head transfer… Totally stoked to hear from a few people.

One of whom had managed to get my cancer suffering friend a visit from someone whom the buck stops at.

You see, the world is changing.

And by being a loud mouth pain in the arse with no affiliation to business, government or health body you sometimes can make a little difference.

I had to visit my mate to give him the news as he has no cellphone, laptop or Blackberry Donut device. The look on his face was worth every cent of not owning a stupid communication device. Genuine happiness. Genuine gratitude. Even a touch of genuine surprise that someone had listened, taken him seriously, empathised with his predicament and bloody well gone out of their way to help with no expectation of payment or gratitude.

And this is all it took to get me back into the planet of the living.

One hour from receiving a few emails I’ve ridden to hospital, made someone happy and am back home sitting at a computer writing on the worlds shittest blog.

The world is changing. More people putting steel caps into the establishments balls appreciated. Apply within.


I even may might possibly go to an N.A meeting tonight.

Or, maybe possibly might not.

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