Extreme acetylcholine



Biohacking? Sounds kind of interesting.

Definitely not a life on life terms situation mind you.

One supplement style product they advertise is acetylcholine. Will leave it to you to click on link and look at what they are playing with there. 2-Acetoxy-N,N,N-trimethylethanaminium

Somewhat interestingly, they appear to be aiming for the effect of becoming a temporary psychopath. And then tuning the effect to individual brain and performance requirements.

bioPutting collagen in a protien formulation sounds like a bloody awesome idea mind you.


My age old adrenaline junky and high risk (but managed in my point of view) receptors are firing up big time.

Think I should possibly just put that website and its ideas away and move on.

However interesting.

And then I log in to FACEBOOK and find old mate Chuck leaving posts….

Godddammmmm……….. Life on life’s terms just seems oh so boring.

Lucky I have a kid to be boring for.



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