I have still not read any of the romantic novels about drugs and drug culture that you would expect.William S. Burroughs at the Gotham Book Mart.jpg I should. I may like.

What I have read is stuff like this…

And the thing that sticks in my head from this… A line similar to…


I made that line up. I am currently aiming for mediocrity and not pushing the limits of the average. I am even saying “I” all the time. Just so the literary type people will scoff.

That line is bad. I thought it was romantic and crap. But it ain’t. It’s bloody true. As being unfortunate enough to have a lot of blood tests, the feeling is all too familiar.

Romantic it appears to the non expert. Cold hard bloody annoying fact to the likes of the Marc Lewis, PHD and NzFiend, ADHD.


Cut mine up. You’re welcome. No longer using it

Five Worst Gifts For a Drug Addict

Updated January 01, 2014.

Drug addicts are difficult to buy gifts for.  They may seem to lack interests outside of their drug use, and you might wonder whether they will sell the gift to buy drugs, or exchange it for drugs.  If you don’t want to make matters worse, but do want to treat the drug addict in your life, here are the five worst gifts for a drug addict that you should avoid giving this year.

1. Drugs or Alcohol

2. Cash

Although you know they want cash, and would have no qualms about asking for it if you ask what they want, giving cash is just one step removed from giving drugs.   You may think they will spend it on something they need, like food or their heating bill, but they won’t.  They will spend it on drugs.  Period.  If you want to pay for food or a bill, pay for it directly, and buy basics.  Anything fancy will just be sold on.

3. Drug Paraphernalia

No matter how romanticized, drug paraphernalia reinforces drug use.  Drug use is highly ritualized, so don’t imagine that fancy bongs, pipe, or chillum will be used as an ornament.  The same goes for fancy rolling papers, decorative scales, stash boxes etc.  These gifts will reinforce the addiction, and may even heighten their enjoyment of the drug.

4. Media Glamorizing Drugs

Although these items may be sought after among drug users, they also reinforce the mystique of drug use, and make the drug user feel they are part of a special subculture of sophisticated individuals.  Avoid giving books and movies glamourizing drug use, such as rare copies of “High Times,” literature on the legalize marijuana movement etc.  Also avoid giving music from famous drug using musicians, such as Lou Reed, Grateful Dead, Babyshambles, Snoop Dogg etc.   Pass on movies such as Trainspotting, even if your addicted friend or relative claims they would love to see it.

5. Anti-Drug Propaganda

You might think you are helping, but please, please don’t give a drug addict anti-drug propaganda.  It will have one of two effects.  The first possibility is that the drug addict will feel bad about themselves, will feel judged and misunderstood, and not accepted for who they are.  The second, and much more likely possibility is that it will be perceived as a joke to drug users, and will make them feel content in their addiction.  “Reefer Madness” is an example of anti-drug propaganda that holds iconic status among drug users for its ridiculous portrayal of the drug experience.  Some drug users even collect anti-drug propaganda for its amusement value, and extreme material certainly doesn’t put them off using drugs — on the contrary, it makes them feel more certain that the anti-drug movement is a futile attempt to stop them having fun.




Five Worst Gifts For a Drug Addict



They won’t share any with you, use them too quickly as they didn’t have to lie, cheat or sell their souls to the Police for them.


Fuckme. Really? Cash? Those who need cash need it for drugs. Those whom are functioning highly, even if just selling vast quantities of drugs, will think you’re lame for not getting a real present. Try a GIFT CARD from a DRUG STORE instead.

3. Drug Paraphernalia

Giving a drug addict needles is pretty dumb. Really dumb. How the hell do these people get published on the internet with this crap?

4. Media Glamorizing Drugs

Fuckme, I went to see Trainspotting” with my best mate and his missus the night before he got sentenced for umpteen counts of supply. Saved him quite a few times, but when you use gang house phones to book airlines tickets in your own name… Well… Mate, even I cannot save your arse from that amount of stupidness. Reality was not for you, but the next five years changed you a bit…

We nodded off most of the way through. His missus dropped me off home. He said “see you in the morning”. I went to court. He got five years. He said “see you next week”. I said “fuck off”. I was in the next cell by Friday. Three months for driving offences. It is hard to do little deals around the place with the police following you everywhere. So you drive fast. They can’t keep up. You do a little deal. They catch up none the wiser. Hardly worthy of jail at all.

Anyway, TRAINSPOTTING didn’t glamorise anything. The book was better. The twin c90 cassette tape of Irvine Welsh reading his own book was the best. We liked that one in jail.

This, actually, is an interesting point. The NZDRUGFOUNDATION has posters of all sorts of things I would have considered silly on their office walls… Film posters. BLOW, TRAINSPOTTING, Naked Lunch etc.

Maybe this promotes discussion. At the end of the day all the stories don’t really end very well for most people involved. Just like life.

5. Anti-Drug Propaganda

If you got me a present of an N.A brochure I would honestly think you’re off your freaken head.

I am thinking more clearly than you completely fucked on drugs.



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