But, you know what?

I am still proud. I have not retaliated. I have not acted badly.

The mental health ward meeting is shut. That makes me sad.

I have not been back to N.A as they all simply believed MM’s crap and WHERE WAS THE SUPPORT FOR ME RUNNING THE MEETING by myself? That should not have been allowed to happen.

I am doing some good work, with some good people.

Tomorrow I am going to a  place that used to employ MM as a consultant on a new addiction initiative.

There are pro’s and con’s. I can’t afford a car really. But, with my bad back and  having a kid, can I afford not to have a car?

I am proud.

Proud I have not gone and done some really stupid stuff.

I am not proud to live in a country that allows someone to smash, steal or harm you and your property on the basis of how much the police, courts and judges like you.


I am going to be proud to bring attention to this sort of thing.

Once the plight of the addict within the stupid capitalist system is solved, I’ll get right onto sorting out the Police.

You watch.


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