Bagels – Conversation stopper

Had an interesting little meeting yesterday regarding a local initiative with addiction recovery as subject.

Minor subjects missed, but required IMO – Pain, Sex and DENTAL WORK.

Bagels were bought at end of meeting. Conversation stopped. I have little teeth. Old addicts have little teeth.


Interesting meeting. Did okay. ADHD me under control enough to manage in context, but still creative enough to push boundaries.

After that went to do something with day and ended up filling in time with this…


And thus, talking shit about addiction, capitalism and car tyres being stabbed filled an afternoon.

An N.A meeting filled the evening.

Read step three out loud from the book. Shared. “Hey, NZFiend, ADDICT.”


“And suffering dickhead”


“I am not going to share about step three, nor anything at all relevant to anyone or anything at any time”


“I would like to say that everything I have heard tonight resonates with me. Again, everyone says something that others have been through or identify with. Apart from the first 50% of Mr X’s sharing of course.”


Between jokes, jibes, ridicule and self depreciation, there were a few choice comments about kids truly believing they are simply AWESOME. Then there is the angry moment where N.A hears what I think of the way they did not support, and then totally back stabbed the mental health ward meeting.

People are strange.

They remember what they want to.

Addicts may know me as aggressive, empathetic, knowledgeable, helpful, rude, caring, loud, quiet.

And, in their own heads, they would all be right.