Life is not simple. Should it be?


Ahhhh, for a simple life. Would I love one? Probably.

For about three days. Things going smoothly, things going well. Aiming for mediocrity. Mediocrity is the new brown.

Went to get a “lower lid lesion” cut out of my eye on Friday. Typically for me, WHY THE FUCK WOULD I BE SURPRISED, the five minute local anaesthetic only procedure turned into an hours worth of comparatively high drama, fun and frollick.

It started with the surgeon saying “I don’t think it is too cancerous….” and ended, one and a half hours later, with “Fuck it, it’s not in the rubbish, nor on the floor. I will check all the benches carefully as they are cleaned. But, don’t worry, I don’t think it was too cancerous. Would be nice to find it and get it sampled to know what it was though….”

Yeahp, typically for me… I related to Ozzy Osbourne. Adhd addled mess he is.

I relate to the surgeon. For I, too, would have got confused where the inch of flesh cut from my lower lid had gone. After an hour of lazers burning, blood pumping, every surface within metres being half drowned in red stuff previously known as NZFIENDS HEP C system….. Well…. I totally understand how the hell you lost the bloody “non” cancerous thing Doc. I don’t blame ya.

I do blame the police. New Zealand Police. #NZPOLICE. Wankers. First degree. A+ assholes.

My car tyres got stabbed. They didn’t interview the witness for two months, and then showed him a “photo montage” and he could not identify the people responsible. The police refuse to show me the montage as it is “confidential”. The police constantly refer to this piece of shit as my “partner” or “ex partner”, even though we have NEVER been close at all. The police tell me that “there are no further lines of inquiry and the case is closed”. But, WHAT THE FUCK? “MM” told me she would damage my car. “MM” told others she was going to stab my tyres and damage my car. Someone fitting a perfect description of “MM” is seen stabbing and damaging my car a few weeks later. 

“MM” has got me convicted of ASSAULT as she tried hitting me and I sat on her briefly. 

The Narcotics Anonymouse crew all say shit like “why do you help these people, it only gets you into trouble“. All these capitalist ladder climbers will never understand.

Sometimes I doubt my self.

But then, just one time, I answer “without people being different the world would still be flat. I would be shot for saying the earth is a fucking bowling ball travelling around the sun. People like Einstein, Tesla and Bell would not exist.”

This is, quite simply, nuts. Comparing myself to Einstien?

No, not in the slightest. Not intentionally. 

But then, later than night – A quote arrives via FACETUBES…. Fucken EINSTIEN agreeing with me. Co Incidence. Explain that via neuroscience Marc Newson.. (I have – It is my higher power)

And the next day a cancer victim walks up and down the stairs to get his tissues as he is coughing blood.

bro, sit the fuck down – next time you stand up to walk up those stairs I will knock you fucken out and bring the whole bedroom down to you.”

“Oh, shit, right you are NZFIEND. It’s just that you’ve done enough for me already…..”

Fuck me. All those people whom know this guy. All those who care. To me he is an acquaintance, at best. One whom was involved with a certain manslaughter case a few years ago. One whom should have done better with life.

But one whom has lung cancer.

And a methadone script.

And was being fucked around by Wellingtons Addiction DisServices.

Although claiming to be aiming for boring and mediocre, it is just not possible.

I am me. And that is not entirely a bad thing. Ask the kids on the new football team. Ask the lung cancer guy.

Ask the police.




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