Willy Moon, Welly High Student, Judges X FACTOR NZ

 Without further ado, I introduce to you……

Willy, William George Sinclair (born 2 June 1989), better known by his stage name Willy Moon, is a New Zealand-born musician, singer, songwriter and producer.

Best known for his 2012 single “Yeah Yeah” which appeared on the 2012 Apple iPod commercial and peaked at number 26 on the UK Singles Chart.

Takes over from another New Zealand idol Daniel Beddingfield whose only real claim to fame was performing on stage with his super hot sister. Although a complete one hit wonder, she is so hot no one cared.


Not even Daft Punk gave a shit.





Here is Willy Moon.  This was written in August 2013….

Willy… Could be any one of a dozen people. You have heard me go on about some other relatively artistic people who have made something of themselves from the school of Wellington streets.

The parallels between our lives are infinite.

The differences in outcomes appear just as schismatic.

Willy Moon is the latest example. He went to Wellington High School why chose High?!, dropped out, lived on streets a little, was using dodgy drugs with dodgy people at a young age and, by all accounts, was rapidly turning into a dodgy bugger.

I think he grew up too fast. Wellington High School can do that. Willy High School definitely would.

Somehow he got out of Wellington and landed in London. Good for him.

Stuff knows.

I got out of Wellington and landed in Queenstown. This was good too. I started hanging with other adrenaline junkies.

The difference is, perhaps, being pretty and getting rid of ear hair.

Pretty guys don’t end up in spending most of their lives hiding away on drugs. They may have an easier time of “faking it, till making it”…


All I know is he’s pretty. And he’s got to find a good thing to do with his life. Standing up for young drug users in Wellington should be it.

Come on Willy boi. Call me.

willy Melanie Blatt, Stan Walker, Willy boy and

(really Natalia Cappuccini) are the judges on NZ XFACTEOR this season.

Not being able to convince, connive, or otherwise entrap the super, and oh-so-not on drugsElla Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, X FACTOR has arguably scrapped the barrel. Willy Moon is fucken cool. I like him coz he went to he same high school as me. My kid is going to that high school soon. The school can be seen out my window. It is about 100m from my house. It is awesome.

It’s just that people like me like DWAYNE from FLESH D-VICE more. He gives me a little cash when I forget my money card. Gives my kid stickers.

 Click on image, above for You Tube.

Really catchy tune.

doom lost soul tattoo

Dwayne would be a little more interesting to watch on telly too.
Love you Mel Blatt and Willy Moon, but get some tattoo’s and go pogo.


Facebook them and tell me when you have. I will go and tell him someone Facebooked. Otherwise he will not notice…

Dwayne isn’t on drugs either. Promise…




Maybe – Try it.

The Wellington Addict DisServices
(Capital Coast District Health Board Addiction Services)
has struck again.

As my avid readers will remember, I have a bit of a bee in my bonnet about these half witted addiction “specialists”. For they are idiots at best, and bullshit artist liars at medium. At worse they are actually achieving further suffering and detrimental life experiences for the addicts they are tasked with serving.

The latest example is involves a guy called BLAIR whom has been quoted as saying “to be honest mate, I am not that good at this job“… So WHY, prey tell, are you persisting in the same job withthe same attitude and creating the same fucked up outcomes? Diuckwad. A Class Dickwad.

My good self and a methadone victim show up just after noon on Monday, as to discuss the removal of takeaway methadone supplies. This guy is 65, is getting a pension, has just finished cancer treatments and has acknowledged pain and suffering issues as a result of this. Possibly his life style of fourty years drug, jail, dealing and disruptive behaviours also play a part in this. Possibly. Hahahah.


We walk in, we ask to talk with Miss “So and So”. We are told by the receptionist “sure, no problem, take a seat”.

We sit and wait.

For one hour.

During this time I witness a methadone patient arrive to consume a daily dose of premise (COP consume on premise) at 12.30. She was still waiting at 1pm. We had some good discussions about all sorts of slightly off the wall subjects. She wanted my number. I am learning. I declined.

Then, after waiting an hour, this guy BLAIR arrives.

“Hi, I am sorry that MISS SO AND SO” is not available and you need to make an appointment”

“Hi, I am Tony, and who are you, and why have we been sitting here for an hour on the promise of seeing MISS SO AND SO?”

“I am Blair” whom happens to have no surname to speak of, even when asked, “and you cannot just come in and see someone. You need an appointment.”

My methadone victim friend pipes up “garbage. I have always just come in. I told her I was coming in today when I spoke to her on Friday. She told me I would have weekend doses to take away, but the pharmacy says I have to C.O.P seven days a week.”

“Yes, that is right. You were told that on Friday”

“No I wasn’t, I want to know what is going on.”

“The Doctor and the Team say that is what is happening”

“I am Tony, and I am acting as advocate for this guy. What Doctor and whom was on this ‘team’?”

Blair totally ignores me and continues telling my friend he knows what is going on, even though my friend repeats he does not know and would like to talk to someone.

Blair then gives us an appointment for a fortnight from now.

In the meantime my 65 year old friend with little money, little energy, and obvious stress is required to simply shut up and spend an hour or two of every single day of his old age going to a bloody pharmacy to collect a stupid drug.

This is annoying.

They then threatened to trespass me (even though I had not sworn, threatened, raised my voice.,…..)

They called the police on my friend as Blair would not tell him anything and simply ignored my questions even though it was acknowledged I was there acting as an advocate and they could discuss this case with me.

The head of the service then came out and simply stated over and over that she could not discuss it as the patient is not present.


“I suggest you leave before the Police get here”

“Have done nothing wrong. Am simply asking quite legal questions that really should be answered…..”

…. (Turning back to the Wellington OTS Leader, Miss C’)…  “Miss C, you have various things to conform to in your profession. Things such as ‘first do no harm’ spring to mind. 
Blair has constantly said things such as ‘I am sorry you feel this way’ when it is your service protocols and regimes that make us feel this way. By definition you and your service should be held fully responsible for the way we feel and therefore you should take a serious long hard look at why you are doing this. 


Who wins Miss C? Really? You take a couple of bottles of a drug away from someone whom does not even like the drug. He is, quite rightly, upset that you and a nameless team are making life changing decisions for him without his knowledge, input or agreement. 

You have now managed to waste all our time, including your own. You have greatly upset my friend, my client. You have called police. You have called security”

(security guard is now present and standing guard with a bemused frown. Miss C has approached me, invading my personal space, in a display of authority. She is stating “leave now, you will be trespassed, you have been upsetting and threatening my staff, you should leave before the police get here. I did not step backwards. I steped towards her. She stopped a couple of inches from me and would not step back. I would not step back. The security guard kept a safe distance, probably hoping my good self would have a wrestle with the tall sexy blonde chick wearing a small tight skirt….. He would grin when I glance at him, and scowl meaningfully when she looked at him. Got to keep up appearances after all. Security guards name was Chris. Not a bad guy. A little young, but good muscles and quite a funny chap as it happens. Cheers for laugh Chris, owe you one…..)

“and created a whole bunch of stress and anger where there need be none.

I hope some of this sinks in and you are able to have a think about what it is your service and role in it actually are.”


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