Newtown. Always cheers humanity on a glum day.


Usually it would be the colourful people, the good vibe, the nice attitudes. Occasionally even the short skirts… But this weekend….



The HOSPITAL has signs warning that if you
have been overseas and are feeling “unwell” you simply MUST
report to a bulletproof, soundproof, air proof, fun proof room
for a long period of unhappiness.

#EBOLA much?

If you happen to be losing blood out your nose, blowing snot out your mouth and using syringes they aren’t so interested.

At least, not according to this toilet I found in Accident and Emergency at Wellington Regional Hospital on Saturday morning.

Blood splatters all over floor, dried blood and snot trail down side of toilet, toilet seat with mucus and blood products, hinges of toilet seat broken so as to encourage you to fall in. Where you will find no less than a used disposable syringe. Blood is old and dry. But blood is new and wet too. Blood on hand paper towels. New blood there too.

One word.

It is “Fuck.”

cheer2One word for this too.

Choose your own.



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