Sunday morning

Hairy dog? Sunday morning?
No way.

Football coach. And kid. Quiet Newtown, New Zealand. Loverly. Absolutely Positively lovely.

Photo taken by balancing phone in the side netting of the main goal. No one else around at all. Totally quiet. Not a noise from anywhere.

Perfect spot for hangover recovery.

For five minutes.

Hundreds of kids needing attention, advice and first aid arrive in half an hour.

Along with their up tight and overly aggressive parents.

After waking up every day for years with symptoms best described as “feeling shit” and having to cure these symptoms by having more of whatever it was that bought on the symptoms… Well…

Stuff me.

Silent Sunday morning in Newtown, Wellington, New Zealand.

Can’t beat it on a good day.

Dopamine deficiency?  Nah, seeing all the kids looking up and proudly seeking approval from their coach does not give enough space for that particular hole to need filling.



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