RUSSELL CROWE is about nine years older than me and born just down the road in Wellington, New Zealand.

Until today he is the only New Zealand thing that we NZ’ers gladly let the Australians claim as their own.

RUSSELL BRAND is a completely different kettle of fish. We don’t care where he is from at all.

Life is interesting. I am an sickness beneficiary who pays for flights to attend addiction conferences out of less than $100 a week, proof that my phone and internet are due to be cut available upon request.

My place to stay (NSA fun is not always such, asked RUSSELL) fell through so an overnight walk 20miles to the airport seemed fair enough. The blisters and the cold were nothing. Walking through the metal detectors four hours early and having time to kill meant that a copy of R3VOLUTION fell into my hands. Communism at it’s finest.



Then again, RUSSELL CROWE is now a staunch Wellingtonian due utmost respect.

He is making a movie. A picture with movement. The picture of motion is about ANZAC involvement in Turkish conflict during Wurlde War 1. He is on television right now doing something special.

For the last century we have celebrated, as ANZACS, the involvement of our armed forces in invading this sovereign nation that we have never had a bad word against, before nor after.

We killed 70,000 nationals in their own country.

We still have nothing on the Opium wars.

But, thanks RUSSELL.

Both of you idle sods deserve a plug. Maybe some capitalist addicts will read this and buy books, movie tickets and product. You will then cunningly use this to subvert the very ideology that supports it.

Bottoms up lads.


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