It is too, Sunday morning Serentiy

Sunday morning. Once again. A relatively clear head. Having watched the film “Serenity” twice in the last week, along with the entire second DVD of interviews with author etc etc, I really hate studio executives. Even more than normal executives. They canned Firefly and made Buffy? Come on.


Sunday morning… Check this shit out.


I just posted this privately to a friend whom may have got a smile from it.

And then, what the hell? Here it is. Publicly.

My daughters football team. We lost 1-0, but had more scoring chances, more shots on goal, more passes put together.

We had fun. And really good learning. And, I promise you, there is nothing better than having a team of ten year olds proudly looking at you as they use the stuff you taught them in games and love it.

One kid two weeks ago told me she could not kick with her left foot. She scored two goals with left foot after a few team drills! This week I asked her what foot she kicked with. Without hesitation and with abundance of confidence she stated “BOTH FEET”. She had totally forgotten two Sundays ago. But she seems to remember this odd looking guy with crap tattoo’s and no teeth shouting with joy louder than the whole park full of parents when scoring with left foot.

No one else understood it.

Until the ride home, where she told Dad.

The parents thought I was mad.

They now think I am mad with purpose.

Sundays rock.



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