Warm water freezes FASTER than cool.

Warm water freezes faster than cool

True story.

I am not trying to confuse you with the psycho analytical capabilities of having WARM in BLUE and COOL in RED. I am merely poking fun at those whom think the DSM-V is a bible. Take me to court, anally probe me, gag me and throw me to the hounds. Whilst you’re doing it, compare notes with Clarissa, Tom, Sam and Cameron Slater. 

My theory is (again, forgive me if I am re-inventing the wheel – not my fault someone, somewhere, has already thought of everything and doomed me to a life of mediocrity) …

Warm water has molecules spinning f a s t e r . . . .
Cool water has slower spinning molecules.

Therefore there are more spaces, more “air” in WARM (FAST) H2o than COOL (SLOW) H2o.

When placed in a freezer (let us say a “freezer” is any environment under the freezing point of water – zero celius – at normal gravity, for science majors nit picking….) the water will want to go all nice and solid. I suggest the COLD from the FREEZER can act with more efficacy on the WARM water as the COLD will penetrate further into the more spacious substance.

I have not really paid that much attention to this. Just think it is fair enough.

Cunningly, it also supports my definition of GOD (Higher Power – tm) or whatever the hell you want to call it / him / her.

My GOD (him, it, her) is a collective conscience that I base on WAVEFORMS. “People on same Wavelength” is not a saying you should take lightly. Trust me on this one.

And may many a good co-incidence shoot your stupid arse down if you don’t.

Even RUSSELL BRAND bangs on about it in his latest book. He doesn’t quite get there, but he is always going on about MY god, but using terms such as FREQUENCY and people on the FREQUENCY.

Technical debate on differences between frequency and wavelength available upon request. 

In the meantime, click on this imaginehttp://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/john-lennons-imagine-made-into-a-comic-strip/ 


“One day you will be able to measure happiness VS sadness  by weight – In points of grams.”

I truly believe that neuro science will, one day, be capable of measuring the difference between thought processes in real live grams, ounces, points or at least, Newtons.

The way the brain is working… Firing electrons, chemicals and at different rates, wavelengths, quantities. All this means added volume, different densities, different electromagnetic outputs = DIFFERENT WEIGHT PEOPLE.

But, will a happy me weigh more than a sad me?

Do I actually weigh 90kg (like people suggest when they percieve me as angry) or do I really weigh 78kg (as the scales in the doctors office tell me calmly, without emotion).


I confer1hope Rachel presented the poster well at the SERVICE USER conference today.


Really do.

And, oddly – This blog has had a dozen or so people from New Zealand look at it over the last few hours of this morning. They can only be describefd as my best clients ever. Staying on the site a long time, downloading a lot of really useless crap and obviously taking the time to have a laugh. Maybe even at themselves? Just a little?

As I say….

If I cannot laugh at myself, I will get you to do it for me.

Try it.

ps – For those studying “typography level 200”, please do extra homework on the use of Italic when used to describe “fast”. Thank you.



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