I was asked, I had to refuse

I was asked to speak to ROSIE E (Adult ADhD specialist in Wellington) on someone else’s behalf. Unfortunately, even though I could have helped the situation greatly, I had to decline any help.

The problem being – legally I cannot enter hospital notwithstanding – that Rosie E and other members of the psych and addiction teams will simply look at me, put me in a box, and spend the next hour working out “what is in it for NZFIEND” and not “what is best for this client”??

It is stupid. I see these people all the time in Newtown. This last particular girl left her underwear in my bed recently.

Received texts from other young ladies. I am now shitting bricks.

She may have been marking her territory.

Health professionals;

 Not known for taking advice of the laymen. Not even those with vast expert by experience.


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