My bloody daughter….

My bloody daughter.

So proud.

We got two identical meccano style construction toys last year so she has just convinced me to wrap one up and give it away.

But not to any one Tom, Dick nor Harry.


She is to give to the kid at her school who kicked her football away, stole her boots and threw her shoes over a power line.

The kid has a few problems. My offspring thinks the teachers can be mean to him and he doesn’t feel included all the time. a bunch of other shit came up, but I am proud that my daughter seems to know more about dis association, dopamine deficits and healthy child development than the teachers or even half the academics and medical professionals….

We are going to invite the little shit to play footy with us over holidays.

Christmas spirit of giving rich people plastic shit made by slaves?
fuck that


But still… The little cow didn’t get her Dad a birthday present. Was on Sat 13th.

You know what… Real present is having a kid like this… and giving her back to her Mum late Sunday so as to have a bunch of interestingly sceptik-all adult fun later.

Something to be said for not having kid all the time after all.

Is sex better than drugs?

Self medicating with sex would probably cause less concern at the CCDHB ADDICT DISSERVICES… It may even be encouraged. 

CCDHBDSM anyone?


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