If only…


ADHD Dad with
somewhat ADHD kid
on the loose.

Enter at your own risk

If only I could be a “good” Dad all the time.

It seems that all the books and theory fall out the window sometimes. Having more time together would improve this.

If only there were more time. Nagging and the feeling of having to teach her how to use a drill, a computer and drive a stick shift could wait until tomorrow. 

How do “they” expect you to be an amazing Dad when you only have fifty days a year?


  • Given there were limits such as half a day a week for first five years of life…
  • Given the fact I am simply a useless junky fuck…
  • Given the fact that I am addicted to everything in the known universe…

… It is amazing I am a “good” Dad any time at all.

The courage to admit I am not perfect… Yet to remind myself we are making progress, not yet perfection, is something I need to shove in my own pipe and smoke…. Regularly.

Am still learning to go a little easy on myself. Am still learning not to expect everything now.

Am still learning.

The only reason for being on this planet is to give the next generation a better chance than you.

At this, I am still winning.


Don’t go betting against me just yet.



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