My kid will be voting soon…

I really hope they are successful in replacing inpatient acute services with a guest house model influenced by the Trieste model where centres operate as street-front facilities where people can get help early and are treated more like guests than patients, with no locked doors or use of restraints.

May they survive any backlashes, In Wellington we know from experience that these type of services can be hard to get off the ground…

Kites trust, via FaceTubes


Sam McBride, with his diagnosed dyson vacuum cleaner disorder*, was one guy pushing for a house in Island bay, Wellington. It was a good idea, and he may have done well in this role. Unfortunately the community all freaked out and Sam ended up shafting poor assholes like mine in Addiction DisServices instead.

Sam, once a nice young student with ideals he would stand up for, is now just another patsy of Clarissa and a dubious adherence to their own protocols as drawn up by Tom Flewett.

The whole thing is sad. Please read this for more (click here).

Much better things to come from Kites recently include – 

* The latest DSM-V (Discipline Sadism and Masochism – Virgins) has an updated description of this disorder.
Novartis and Gilead are combining to work on a drug treatment.



My daughters room, with a large fat cat.

Poster for silly political party on wall. She makes up her own mind on these issues. And right wing capitalist buggers are far from her ideal. Not bad, my ten year old watches more news, absorbs more social feedback and shows more political nous than most University going chicks.

Not bad at all.

The whole thing is exciting.



The rat I had to kill today.

I did mention I am broke and live in a shit hole NZ Government project didn’t I?

This whole thing is rather sad. But it was a clean kill with a shovel. Rat was done for – I did not have spare opiates for aiding it’s passing, so put it out of it’s pain. Rapidly.

Have had to kill a number of things in my time. Never enjoyable, especially when all you have is your bare hands.

It is a real thing. Ending another living things life in order to stop suffering. Human, or silly rat half caught by cats. It really is base level humanity stuff.

Should be taught in PSYCH 101.



New details have emerged about a New Zealand man’s trip to Asia to meet his internet girlfriend for the first time, before he was arrested for allegedly smuggling meth into Bali.

Antony Glen de Malmanche, 52, was detained at the international airport in Denpasar on Monday.

The Wanganui beneficiary had travelled via Hong Kong, where he had met his new girlfriend, “Jessie”, after encountering her through internet dating.

Methamphetamine is in the most serious drug class in Indonesia and anyone convicted of trafficking it faces the death penalty.

I, personally, do not know this guy well. But one of my best mates was (is) his best mate.

Look out for those rats mate.

Rat Park


The rat that could have been killed years ago.

The rat in the text book that the people at addiction disservices still use to this day.

In order to not give you service you require, they quote from totally outdated and silly sources.

When they all should read this in cartoon form and then read the whole works of Bruce K Alexander and others.

I even paid for the PDF download.
You should too.
Print it and leave it around the office.

Go do it.

And stop practising inter office shibari dyson techniques.




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