Conspiracy Paranoid Reality?


I write a blog. They don’t like public scrutiny, so they simply block their site from my machine….


originally “THIS LIST” was published HERE.

As you can see, their domain has been blocked from my machine, yet still appears on GOOGLE searches. So, by using a different internet link through some Eastern European routes, my machine picks up the sites easily.

Proves they have a bit of power. Proves they are worried about some poor little ADHD drug addict whom they screwed over twenty years ago, have not improved in the slightest, and are still doing it today.


I write a blog. They are out to get me. This has ruined my ability to advocate for people (all the people whom I have helped and talked to with advice have thanked me for providing this service…)

Maybe this is not paranoid at all?

Maybe it is?

It’s their fault for scrimping and saving on handing out medications to the likes of me in the first place.


I write a blog. They don’t like public scrutiny. They are out to get me.

You don’t have to be mad to create conspiracy theories, but it certainly helps, new research suggests.

Just believing in them indicates you are more likely to be paranoid or mentally ill, a Victoria University study shows.

Widely held conspiracy theories range from harmless ones, such as the belief that the Moon landings were faked, to more dangerous delusions such as the one in Nigeria that polio vaccines were a Western plot to sterilise people. That led to vaccination crews being murdered and thousands dying from disease.

— The psychology of conspiracy belief (with video) by MATT STEWART for DomPost 13th December 2014

Darshani-KumareswaranClinical psychologist Darshani Kumareswaran is delving in to the psychology of conspiracy belief, and has found some believers are likely to endorse far-fetched plots in an effort to make sense of chaotic situations beyond their control.

Makes me wonder how much effort she put into the effort of making sense of co-incidences. Makes me thankful she has not seen my Hare PCL-R test. I volunteer for further study, neuro science dept at Victoria too. Hook me up Doc. Just don’t stab me full of holes, ruin my arms and make everyone think I am injecting drugs again like Gilead did.

Please have a look here for Darshani Kumareswaran’s full PDF Doctoral Theses for the School of Psychology · Te Kura Mātai Hinengaro 

Since 13th December is also my birthday, shall I, once more, share my theories of co-incidence with you?



Oh cum on, you say you don’t want to…

I know you’re a liar….


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