doom lost soul tattoo

LOST SOUL from DOOM game. 

Played this one a lot. A hell of a lot.
Queenstown, New Zealand.
Listening to Nirvana the whole time. 

Am I a lost soul? Aren’t we all?

As I worked out as a ten year old, we are all walking through life backwards. You can only see where you have been, not the road ahead. Where you have been may suggest what is happening behind you, but as you walk backwards there is no certainty as to what your feet will land on.

I should have been a messiah.

Standing outside the tattoo shoppe after two hours of some of the worst pain (both from back and tattoo) imaginable, a person whom works for Addiction DisServices walks past, see’s me and nods like a friend.

Dude, you are not a friend. My two friends who died of cancer think you’re a retard. My other friend whom has cancer thinks you’re something even worse.

Personally, I think that if you nod and smile at a guy with blood spewing down his chest whom you know writes about you online, you should at least have the balls to stop and talk.

It may just do you some good.

Maybe will let you know when I am back in the tattoo shoppe having the shading and everything done. I will be dead useless for a few hours during this process, but you can wait….. Just like you make the poor people on your addiction (dis)service do daily.

Thankfully, I am not one of them.

Here’s me, sometimes I even smile.
You, being bigger, taller, heavier and
fitter than I should have nothing to fear.



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