Mushroom tripping from Wellington Regional Hospital


Once again running the gauntlet of the CCDHBDSM and its snappy poodle watchdog, Clitassa Breederock, I got to take this photo. Amazing what comes back to you whilst sitting bored in a Hospital waiting room. Especially when trespassing to be there.

Back in the day, when just a young junky spending a bit of time with the more hard wasters of Wellington, I lived over the hill at extreme left in this photo. We called it the Hinau Hilton. We were full of wit and charm. You should have seen this place. In fact – You can… Peter Jackson used this silly lot for Brain Dead….

brainhouseMy room was one in top, middle, with balcony.
Mattress on floor,
blood on walls,
particular smell in carpet,
sleeping bag at ready,
pit bull bitch, BONI at feet
drugs and paraphernalia coming out ears.
And holes in walls.
And…. And… And…

Guess Sir Peter Jackson didn’t really have to look far for a more perfect house or bunch of people to help with his “goriest movie of all time”.
The blood on my walls was art from various tender cuts and spray messages from squirting out syringes to re-use later.
The smell in the carpet was “home”. 
The pit bull bitch at my feet got severely jealous of any female coming anywhere near me. Human mainly, but would also launch at canine, feline, bovine… 

 In the days before proper needle exchanges… WTF. Am amazed we didn’t all end up a lot worse off than what we did.

Harm reduction. Will harp on about this until death.


Anyway, we did some nice tripping missions to the hills around Wellington known as the “Town Belt”.

Boy, we tripped our faces off. Good GOLD TOP MUSHROOMS (Psilocybe Cubensis) 3am, sliding down 100m of hill on cardboard boxes in the pouring rain. Split skin, laughter, paranoia. Jaw clenching confusion. No baby sitters. Just awkward moments. Happy moments. No violent moments. All sorts of things thrown into a short evening. Being too hallucination inebriated to climb out of various crash positions, a lot of time was spent trying to find eachother. Hell, I spent a good amount of time trying to find myself. Once the grass worked out what the fuck we were doing, it was bloody good times.

After hours of freezing, in cold mud, damp clothes and various states of undress, it was no comfort getting home to our flat with no windows that would shut, holes through the walls and girlfriends whom spend more time in eachothers beds than ours.


But at least not being able to feel it.

Bloody good fun. Just not able to feel it…

Nowadays I would aim for Red Bull sponsorship and turn this into a professional event.  



Thanks to thenzgccdhbsmallwell

NZ Government, Capital Coast District Health Board and Wellington City Council

for providing the Psilocybin, the terrain and the security.


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