Life, circles, spirals? Wasted?



Last night I took a photo of a moon from a moving bus. The mural on the wall is done by a lady, Ellen Coup, whom I was in art classes with as a teenager at Wellington High School. Look at what she has done with her life.

Right now I am doing Community Work in Owhiro Bay Wellington New Zealand. We are not allowed phones or comms of any nature. I, typically, am breaking rules. I am not working, but am hiding in the van. Ten metres to my right is the car of the lady whom did give me some paid design work on a recovery project. Thirty metres further up the road I can see my adopted Mum gardening and Dad opening the garage to go play golf.

Fucked if I am getting out the van and explaining myself to these spectators.

Look at what I have done with my life.

I may have had some nice sex with girlfriend on the floor of her friends loungeroom whilst Ellen, her partner and other couples were either sleeping, or pretending to sleep… But, other than that one time, it makes me sad.

I could have done anything.

Sometimes I feel as if I have done nothing.

Saw an old friends younger brother yesterday. Was climbing into my car. He was working on a flat next to mine.

“Should have done something with my life” I say.

“Bro, you’re doing it ” was his instant reply.

Life from an ex Jehovah Witness perspective.

Better than being wasted I guess.



    1. Did some weeding, hoody up to hide from Mum as she drove off for the day… Might sneak over, use the wi-fi and grab some biscuits….


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