See where they are all at now.

In the previous post talking about a TV show in which Paul Woods stars, I wrote something about feeling as though my life is a waste and I look at all the people around me when younger and see where they are.

I was watching a movie last night. My spiritual advisors (no longer in my employ) son leant me a New Zealand made film called FRESH MEAT. It has a few people in it “we” know. Also has a few people in it I know.

This movie wasn’t that bad. Not as bad as it could have been.

Was quite bloody awesome really. Enjoyable.

The scene where two girls are hanging up by chains ready to be carved up and they have to swing together…  Well… One girl is hung upside down. The other is hung right side up. And… Well… Phoarrrr.r……


Anyways. Bumping into people from old times and having a quick yarn is important.

Even those with degrees in psych related fields would agree. Am damn sure that we can all learn from people whom were there.

Although being reminding of some things hurts.

Being reminded of some hurt things helps us solve and grow positively.

Solving or dealing with things makes for a better now.

Living in the moment is a catch cry of many. Living in the moment fully may have got me where I am.

Look at my friends.

Degrees, TED speakers on subjects from Design, Physics, Criminal Reform, Drugs, Economy, Gangs etc  (yes, there are a number of you, lots even – You know who you are), Directors of films, Worldwide News Service Producers, Computer Game programmers, Pro Footballers, Pro X-Treme athletes, Inventors, etc etc etc

Junkies talking shit, Methadone maintenance androids, dealers who are still trying to pay the rent and make ends meet even tho their selling thousands a day, the glue sniffing 35 year old lady with two kids and no furniture, all the kids on P.D talking their tales of sex, drugs and gangsta rap… 

They are all MUMS & DADS. Brothers and Sisters.

Wish I had done something with my life sometimes.

ADHD and DRUGS have killed me.

But then again, they were me. Are me. I own that shit.

I am me. And that is not bad.



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