BLOODY FACEBOOK! There is a use for it after all.

During the course of writing all this crap on the Worlds Shittest Blog (TM) there have been various outstanding members of the community at large whom have seen fit to contact me. Some of the favourites are people from the past.

Am not really the sort of chap to go for the absolute poshest club known to Wellingtonians… Since he is a member and all that, I convinced myself to put my obvious socialist leanings to one side and enter the lair of right wingers. Just for a moment.

After having a very enjoyable hour long light brunch with a man whom earns more each day than I do in an entire year (yes, it was his shout) we decided to do it again.

Well, my old Fiend, I have asked you about 2% of the four thousand questions I have for you. Therefore we need to do this again. Next time we will set aside a proper lunch or dinner. 

If you have four thousand questions, I have at least sixteen thousand answers…. Some of which will even sway you from your belief the economy is the answer to everything. In fact, in less than five minutes there was some interest in an alternative point of view.

ADHD is everywhere.

The economy is not going to fix that.


There is a use for it after all.

A really old friend / flame / hair freak contacted me.


Fucken stoked.

So fucken stoked…
Thought this, and a lot of my other work, was gone forever. 

Board Shitless ANSI graphic by FIEND




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