Note to KARMA GIRL….

Anyway, my door is always fucken open for you. I was only half joking when saying you could have daughters room when you needed it. And hell, if I could have got you moving at 9 in the morning for a few days, the creativity and positivity would have happened. But fuck me, whatever.

One of the kids in my new football team has full on AUTISM

HELL, am I a football coach or a kid mental health worker? –BOTH– Seem to be good enough at it. Just wish I could be more of a coach!

Stay in contact, or don’t. Catch up when you want, give some gas money and learn to drive your ass in style.


 FORGOT TO SAY WHITE RABBITS first thing on the first of the month.
a few seconds ago
Good luck Karma girl. You don’t need luck, just some good management!!
I just got out the cells again. Got another stupid assault charge, police came this morning…. The postie rides his motorbike down the pathway outside my door and almost run over my kid in the weekend. I saw him today and hit him up about it. He tried to ride off, so gave his helmet a clip on the way past. Now the neighbours (nutcase old jail Maori lady) tells the B.Power that I was yelling at their kids. FUCKEN DRAMAS. So I get arrested. taken away and MORE court and P.D probably for telling this fuckwit postie to slow down on his motorbike. He shouldn’t even be riding through the property. It’s not a road or footpath…. Wanker.

So, quite a bit going on. I am still really useless at controlling impulsive things when not given a little respect. The postie is on a motorbike and riding in a private property. He rides too fast and almost clipped my daughter. I tried talking to him, he didn’t want to know, basically called me an idiot, and tried to ride off, accelerating towards me. He was not concerned in the slightest with running into me, and showed no concern for my daughters safety. Instantly I reached out and slapped his full face motorcycle helmet as he reached me. He then took the helmet off and approached me. I ended up walking inside and having a shower after some neighbours tried telling him to back off.

At this point another neighbour started yelling that I was yelling at the kids. The kids now get upset as people are arguing about them. I did not yell at kids, but now they are crying. Fucksakes, now I am in trouble with a large local gang for abusing their five year olds! My life, do you want it? hahahaha

I go inside, have a shower and get out the shower to the sound of #nzpolice pigs trying to enter the front door.

For the first time in my life I do a VIDEO INTERVIEW at the Police station. No need for lawyer, no need for anything…

I am in pain. My poor old back is really ruining me this week. Taking Codeine, Tramadol, Gabapentin and Paracetamol on top of Ritalin.

DRUG FREE LIFE is, currently, not on the menu. Wish it was. It’s not.

When reading a book to my child last night as she went to sleep I felt like a real Dad. Woke her up, made breakfast, got her on the bus to school. All good healthy stuff.

Walk home and end up with arrest, cells, court and stress.

I am me. And that is not all bad.

It’s not all good either.

The drugs had not kicked in at 8.30am. Usually this time of the day sees old broken me trying to climb out of bed. Today I was up, walking home and sore.

The police told the postie not to come through this way.

I just wanted to tell him to slow down, as there are genuine safety concerns.

He ignored me and got a slap on the helmet to show him I was serious.

He rings police and now has been told NOT to take shortcut through property at all… Due to my policy of always going NOT GUILTY and taking everything the whole way through, witnesses and everything…. well…. he will have to come and waste a day in court too.


The time in the cells told me I was in pain. Had a lot of pain killers and yet could not work out what to do with myself. Stand, sit, stretch, hunch, relax, tense. Nothing really escapes me from the confines of annoying pain.

If I slow down, I am stuffed. When poos and wee’s come out all on their own I get my sorry arse to hospital.

Presently, I am just stuffed. No other thing sums it up.

LIMBO between able and unable. Just hanging there. Have been dropping things, knocking things over, just been pretty useless. So much has been happening, but there is no energy left to bother. Have not even met my mate for coffee recently.

Am not right.

Am not left.

Am in central limbo.

Got let out of police station by the same police guys whom have dealt with me many times over the years, and the same guy whom did my prints and had a good old yarn with.

He’s not bad. Getting arrested just to have a chat about life and politics is stupid.

Need coffee. Head to the nearest coffee shoppe and buy a coffee with a bunch of young ladies looking at me carefully, for their usual customer is not me. It is the city business crowd. They show signs of recognition even though only going there three or four times a year…. I am not being narcissistic, merely observant.  And that is another story…


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