Am in a uncomfortable limbo.

Seven years ago, I met a young girl. 21 years old or something. Sure, my ex-Spiritual Advisor would have approval issues, but we did not have sex. Really odd actually, she started rubbing my back, found it was screwed and we became secret massage and care buddies. Oh, and we liked the same drugs. Although never did that either 😉

Seven years is a while. Some people say life goes in seven year cycles. I think more “seven year spirals”. So, CO-INCIDENTALLY, a dark face approached from the bright sunlight just as the barrista handed me my small soy latte with extra shots of coffee. The dark face started beaming beautifully and a female voice was greeting me with such positive vigour that coffee staff and customers all raised their eyes to process this unfolding interaction.

The face cleared the fog that bright sunlight creates by arguing with dimly lit private coffee shops. It was a the young girl, now about thirty, whom I will call UPWARD SPIRAL for now.

UPWARD looked at me, remembered my back, remembered a lot of things. Smiled, took her bags and jacket off and smiled even more when I held eye contact, without looking down as she adjusted her slightly too tight t-shirt. 

Seven years is a while. She happens to be studying acupuncture now. A perfect thing for her. Holistic healing type things. She was a nurse. We are still comfortable in each others company. I refrain from hugging her. Somehow.

Leaving the coffee girls to process what the hell our relationship was. Girls of 25-30 have nothing better to do with their time, after all……….

Co-Incidentally her school is straight across the road, where, on Wednesdays only they accept $5 for a full on acupuncture session to teach advanced students.

“Bugger, I will go there on Wednesday, I promise” says me.

“It is Wednesday… And, oh my god, have you got a tattoo below your belly button? Hell….”

I kid you not. ACUPUNCTURE was awesome. Within half an hour there was walking and stretching that has not been done normally in years. Standing on one leg and stretching the other out in front of me, without any balance issues.

They also noticed my dislocated right shoulder, broken ribs and even asked if my foot was okay and if my left leg was weak. YES, YES, YES and YES. Broken bone in foot, etc etc etc.

THANK YOU SO MUCH UPWARD SPIRAL GIRL. What a fucken coincidence.

I tell you, PEOPLE ON THE SAME WAVELENGTH create co-incidence. 

Einstein would explain it better than me. My explanation lacks graphics and math.

Was about to leave to visit tattoo guy… And knocked a bottle of the top shelf, have been doing a lot of this lately. Had to buy a brush and dustpan to pick up all the glass and broken china from the kitchen floor. Kept cutting my feet.
I knocked a bottle off. And, just like used to do three weeks ago, I CAUGHT THE BOTTLE AS IT FELL and stopped another glass smashing by putting my boot in the way of it before it hit the floor.
Put it down to these guys and their head man. Brilliantly clever and aware.
THANK YOU. I have not walked that well in years. Am WALKING BY CHOICE to the tattoo shoppe.




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