JESSE back on Campbell LIVE

You all know you should be watching CAMPBELL LIVE and not THE CROWD GOES WILD on Prime. You all know it, but, like me, stuff it. TCGW is just so much more FUN.

We don’t want to hear stories on addiction, tragedy and stress.


I admit to being a horrible person about this originally. I kind of wished he would fail in his quest to give up the drugs in the hope others would see him fail and therefore prevent them from getting on the drugs in the first place…
Congratulations on proving me to be fuckwit.

At the end of the day his story great. He’s grown and turned into a man.

A man Peter Dunne should be proud of.

Campbell Live sure is… (at time of posting the video for Thursday 9th April 2015 is not up)

Shame the CCDHB is still demanding more people go onto their methadone / suboxone prograames. Pity they then change your drug regime, change your agreed care plan and change your circumstance WITHOUT your consultation or subsequently giving information on why they chose to change your recovery plan themselves.

Shame they then simply refuse to answer, outright lie and circumvent the complaints process or further enquiry.

The only way to get any half decent answers out of the Addiction Services, and their head, Clarissa Broderick, seems to be Campbell Live esquire.



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