Out of jail, but feel worse…

This “Electronic Bail” thing is worse than jail.


It is not bail at all.

It is more “Electronic Custody”.

Has been three weeks and have been really depressed, achieving little (nothing at all) and lacking any socialising.

Social disharmony (disassociation / dislocation from society) would be a damn good reason for anyone to start looking at drug use, gangs and anti social behaviours in the first instance.

When giving up drugs I chose to try Narcotics Anonymous as a way to meet junkies who did not want to use drugs. People like me. People whom could relate.

In jail I got to run into people, have a bit of rough and tumble with people whom I could relate.

Stuck at home 24/7 without so much as being able to buy my own biscuits, coffee and milk from the shoppe about fifty metres down the street….


And downright unhealthily dangerous.


At least in jail you have dreams of freedom – if only drawing them… And cruelly drawing them confined to the yard… Being in my flat 24/7 has cruelly confined my dreams to extent where jail seems preferable.


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