Jails – Full of violence, apparently… Drugs and Violence. Win win.

The media is talking a lot of the violence and problems in New Zealands “correctional facilities” (jails, for fucksakes people) as of late.

As per usual for this rather mundane but somewhat overbearing co-incidence ridden life of mine,  feeling as though commenting on this subject is okay is unsurprising. Having just been in jail, and still sitting at home 24/7 on Electronic Monitored Bail (EM- CUSTODY is more to the point – all I am doing is saving bed space and moving money from the corrections service into social welfare and capitalist supermarket tills)….

I prefer the yards where you play a little rough games, like rugby or “hold” football or “bullrush” style games. The yards here are quite small, surrounded by cages that take skin off and are entirely concrete. The games can be a bit rough, I got a decent black eye and gravel rash (stupid name, considering it was caused by metal grille and concrete…… anyhoooooo) and others came off worse.

But these yards are the ones where a bunch of males can go out and smash into eachother and this, for any number of reasons that female politicians will scorn down at from their lace encrusted high horses, makes perfect sense.

Nigel Latta or Paul Wood may provide better insight, for they have real letters after their names qualifying them to do so.

Me, not qualified at all. Call me an expert by experience (TM used without license, no mental health worker was harmed in the production of this writing).

Call me whatever you like. Fuck-Wit is common.

But — You cannot, and probably SHOULD NOT, stamp out violence or drugs in jail.

Violence and Drugs. Win win.

A little violence helps sort out some minor squabble. And drugs keeps everyone calm and lazy.

Don’t think this idea will get much traction politically.

Perhaps it may get a little more attention if we add sex to the mix. I know of a couple of mistress types who may just jump at the chance…… Some of the guards already know them too….

article from  stuff.co.nz here
video of staff being bashed (looks like HM4, Wellington Regional Prison – Rimutaka Correctional Facility)

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