NZ POLICE, Witch Hunts, Privacy Issues…

As in the previous post, I have had the Police tell me things on a wink wink, nudge nudge basis.

One time in 1994 I think it was, they did come to me and warn me about a large white guy whom (it was alleged)  had some guns and a pretty big drug habit. They did not say such in words, but their meaning was very clear.

Me, being me and not all that put off by the thoughts of being involved in the dynamics of NZ’s illicit drug supply chain, was interested.

“Of course I don’t know who the fuck you’re talking about Detective Fucked-In-The-Face” (“Det’ Fucked-In-The-Face” is not his real name)

But I did know. Damn well. He owed me $400 roughly. For entirely legal purchases of… Uhm… Shit, uhm… Something totally legal okay?

They have also told me things about people I don’t want to know. In the case above, I figured much better to have him on my side, than against me, so as soon as Detective Fucked-In-The-Face had his back turned I was spending $2 a minute on New Zealand’s first cellphone to ring the big white guy and get him and his guns over to have a free cook up in my kitchen.

Fair enough. What would you do?!

So, twenty years later…

Was in Newtown yesterday and saw this girl whom had instantly stopped texting, phoning or otherwise communicating after February 14th 2015

(valentines day – purely co-incidence, there is no higher power………..)

She waved her exaggerated and quite cute wave, stopping me in my tracks and said the Police had been around her place searching for me May 5th 2015. I handed myself in and went to jail on that date. I had not had any contact with her since Feb 14 (pay attention people) so therefore there was almost three months between me last having ANY contact with her and the Police going to her house looking for me.

“They fucken what?”
“They came around my place looking for you….

  • “Is NZFIEND here?”

  • No, why what has he done?

  • “He has been harassing the fuck out of his ex partner and scaring his kid, is he here or not?”

  • No, why would he be here?

  • “If he is not here, then you won’t mind us coming in for a look then..”

(Police push in and have a look) 

“Why the hell would they think I was there. We had no contact at all for three months, since that Valentines Day….” 

“Oh, valentines day, oh right, yeah……” (slightly shady blush)

“…. And it’s not like we were ever linked romantically or are on any international crime stopper webshites…..” 

“No” (laughs loudly)

“…. So why would they come to your place and not three or for other people whom I actually was in contact with and staying with until the time of going to jail…..” 

(change of subject approaching rapidly as discomfort level raising….)

The Police DID NOT go to anyone elses house I have been in more frequent and more recent contact with. Including single ladies living alone.

However, the Police, I believe, have been looking at phone records and having a little “word in the ear, wink wink, nudge nudge, we were never here” with the idea of making me out to be a bad egg and a danger to them in some way. This young lady has actually had a baby with a Policeman. The Police would have no problem about ringing her (on Valentines day I would guess) and giving her a pretty blatant nudge nudge wink wink. A Policeman whom looks amazingly similar to her babies Dad now goes out of his way to do little things like break bones in my foot during arrests (look it up, I probably wrote about it at the time…)…

He drives a ute with dogs in the back by the way. I have his photo too. And a video of him being an abusive and aggressive fuck head, trying to cause a fight and then threatening me with arrest for walking off. Yes folks – A real life video of him doing this. And he didn’t even get to break my cellphone and take the memory out and throw it in the river this time. So I still have the video. Neat….

I have filled out official information and privacy act requests for the Police to explain how events such as this occur.

The police replies are farcical. Police constantly say “In answer to if the Police have contacted anyone with warnings about you, the answer is – Not that I could ascertain…

In a one page reply to ten requests for information they admit to giving advice to a football club saying “we suggest you re-think employing him in any capacity” but would give no reason as to why this advice was given, or whose authority was used for it to be provided. In every other instance they claim “I could not ascertain“… Which is a bullshit line if ever I heard one.

What that means, I figure, is that the single sergeant who wrote the letter COULD NOT 100% FIND THE INFORMATION. I doubt he / she even left his desk or wrote a single email and that his idea of running open and transparent government agencies is far different from mine.

I know they are full of shit, as I know for a fact that they have contacted people out of the blue and warned them in this way. Again, there are posts about this subject on this blog. My spiritual advisor ™ even received unsolicited calls from unidentified parties quoting information that was misleading, but obviously directly from Police, trying to put her off a relationship with me. Luckily my tongue was more value to her than theirs and we spent five or six years together after that initial hick-up.

The Police hate me, I hate them. Fair enough. Years of abuse from them, never being treated fairly, beaten up time and time again whilst in handcuffs as a teenager…

They should have just given me a box of ritalin, a pen and paper and let me finish university at twenty. Stupid capitalism.


Please contact me any time. Will gladly give out my real name, face and stories if it serves any good to the public at large.
The Police should not be allowed to do this shit.
Yet no one cares.

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