Still stuck at home 24/7. Woke this morning wanting to use….

Hey my favourite little munchkin, wishing you a superb day….Just woke up, had a great sleep apart from one dream where I was selling drugs and these big white guys came in house and ended up taking one of my stashes and having to break bones in my hand with a hammer as I knew them but they had to make it look tough for others. Then I found out where they were staying as this Detective (John Harlem, Wgtn Drug guy) decided he hates them more than he hates me. No doubt he had to run this through the people higher up the chain than him, as long as Paul Berry isn’t involved, I trust the address given. With a wink and a nod…

I woke up needing a piss. Wonder what woulda happened next? Hmmmmm


Who cares.

I don’t give a shit. I just need some other stuff in life… Slowly but surely is foreign to me. More like rip, shit n bust. Hahaha

So, there it is. My latest email to my good friend, whom is a great distraction from my boring old life.

I woke up feeling as though I needed to get some methadone or something delivered. I still feel that way now. Have not made a call (nor leaned out the window and asked anyone passing) and is now 10am so most of the people with spare opiates would have done their deals and be happily entrenched at home in front of colour tv and / or PLaystation 2’s with failing controllers.

Hmmmph. Writing it down and poking fun at yourself helps. Stupid old junky shit of a brain telling me I need needles and opiates. I don’t really…



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