Feeding the chickens, maybe I need a sponsor


Like, really do the Narcotics Anonymouse STEPS to FREEDOM ™.

Seriously? FUCK. Me? Honestly? Holy shit batman… No more grade a DOuble UogLobe BranD smack for this old Fiend….

For years I have said it is easier to spot things when looking in, or at. It is hard to spot things in yourself before it is too late. 

Have been taking a lot of direction from a young girl-friend over the last months, but that had to stop. Has not been easy handing my trust over to someone else. In someone so young that was probably a mistake… But valued greatly nonetheless. Promising loyalty and trust does not mean you are completely stupid or will tolerate repeated sabotage of the self defeating kind.

Believe it or not, another Ford loving lady has stepped up and is showing me more of an adult concern.


NOT FOR ME (uhm, typical…)

BUT FOR HER…  (uhm, typical…)

For she pointed out my “COON” needed a place to stay out the salt and weather. And she is totally correct. She is old enough to call my car a “COON” and know what she is talking about, she owns one too!!!


I grew up on the south coast of Wellington, one of the most wind swept and salty areas inhabited by FordMotorCO offspring.

And yet, here I am, blissfully denying the effects living 100m from this beach will have on my cars.



The Beach 100metres from my house
The House across some grass
Waterblasting the house of sand and salt.

It’s the little things that make you happy.
If you are a little happy, it cannot be that bad.

I do enjoy feeding the chickens and watering the plants. 

Probably more than I enjoy feeding myself.


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