Not of the sort likeable…


I have butterflies… Not of the likeable variety, such as those cunningling described above.

No, not even bro. Lost my license (car) for a month. By the time I get it back they would have added on more demerit points, meaning it will disappear for another three month. One of the more cunningness versions of NZ laws…. Fuckem.

Anyhooooo, am in court this morning. Awesome. Have been feeling pretty shit as of late. Bit of depression, not knowing what’s going on, a whole heaps of awkward circumstance has transpired. Along with a good dose of my higher powers influence….

The lady concerned in latest arrests and jail time appears in court today also. For she is charged with ASSAULT on her ex-partner… I hope the powers that be can see some point to all this rigormaroll and dramatic. It is somewhat lost on me.

What is not lost on me is the amount this country wastes on chasing, harassing and setting people up to fail.

Maybe there will be another post here later. Maybe I should explain myself.

Maybe no one in their right mind gives a fuck.


Hey ho, hey ho, It’s off to Court I go…



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