Had to move, had to stress, had to have help…

Have to properly say thanks….

Not to WINZ, who have continued paying rent to places I don’t live.
Not to RICHARD BELLINGER, PROPERTY BROKERS LEVIN, who constantly evades answering any question in writing, worse than any politician. He will be especially thanked one day. Bad Karma, get down Karma…..

Here is a chicken. At a garage.

It is my chicken. In my friends garage with all my stuff.

Proper thanks may mean chicken becomes part of this household rather than stay with me.

The chicken found me – just turned up and stayed – and today is special in some ways.

So, as her first ever poo at my new storage area dissipates in the rain, I am thankful for this week of stress, angst and pain drawing to a close….


Had an epidural yesterday at 3pm, was driven 100km home, rather than self drive for once.

First time in a while of having no urgent need to spend the day in pain lifting and struggling.

Combined with epidural this means tramadol withdrawal.



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