Useless Fucken Druggy “Mates”

Intercity may not have best buses in the country, no power socket or usb connection for charging phone, crying windows in middle of sunny day, seats that won’t recline… Although, unlike everyone else I seem to know, they give you a lift when they say they will, give me money back when they say they will, and even answer the phone when you call…

Wellington to LEVIN for fifteen dollars ain’t such a bad thing….

And is good to have these options available… One more nail in the coffin of useless old druggy mates… Even if they are in Narcotics Anonymous claiming clean time… All Fucken mouth and trousers…

Have been on very harsh bail conditions for a year now… Have been stuck at home in a small flat for a few months after being in Rimutaka prison…  All for phoning the mother of my kid to find out why my daughter hadn’t been allowed to visit (I have a recording of the call if you are of the opinion I can be threatening, abusive our otherwise stupid…)… Then was living in a little town called HOKIO BEACH. Yet was not allowed into LEVIN.. As this map link shows, the ONLY ROAD from Hokio goes to Levin. So every time I purchased milk, went to Wellington, or anywhere more than seven kilometres up the road I was technically breaching bail and could have been in jail a lot longer…

Had to move out of THAT house as property brokers rental people told me owners were selling, yet still no sign of an advert, online sale, or any sign of sale process at all after four months… If you have a brain a little more clever than”dunce”, you may think the place well be rented within hours of my cars and other belongings being removed from neighbours properties in the block surrounding the house. Me? Suspicious? Suspicious of capitalistic self centred liars ? Nah..  never… complete list of this companies lies available upon request.

Reminder… I always send links to, or copies of, my writing when mentioning any person or company. Police, health service, property brokers Levin… everyone. No one has sued, suggested I should edit, nor remove. Lawyers of very high standing have read my words blatantly splashing their downfalls and shortcuts for all the world to see, yet not one has followed any legal action. For what is said here is true. I will back up anything said a hundred percent…. unless obviously satirical or attempted humour… of course, that’s a matter of taste… Richard Bellinger happens to have little, no – none, either way….

Having spent three months homeless this year, living on floors, occasionally beds and couches, very rarely in hedges and parks, extremely rarely in backpackers or motels, you can imagine my joy at finding a new house to live in… OVER JOYED nonetheless.

This came just in time. Was granted the permission to enter Levin again, and found a house for 230 a week. After only one week in the property I get a letter in the mail saying the owner is going to move back in as they are wanting to develop the place. 

So, I have thirty eight days left there, after spending all that time and money to move. They charged 230 “letting fee” on top of 230 times six for advance rent and bond. Then there is the power company, internet, insurances… All of which take time to sort out… Some of which charge bond and early termination penalties… 

However, more importantly to me, probation and security companies have already been around to check on suitability for having a g.p.s monitored ankle bracelet at this a premise.. It has all been approved, reports written, submissions to judges made… Sounds all good…  

However, am back to stressing beyond belief for my sentencing is less than three weeks away.

Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fucken Fuck.


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