housing… dreams… beggars can’t be losers

AM due for sentencing in a few days, yet still have no permanent place to live, so ankle bracelet GPS monitored conditions could be off the table… New Zealand housing is a problem, something the right wing national capitalist government has done little to acknowledge.
Very similar to getting rehab or addiction services, you need to get on tv or get a member of parliament on your side.
Thankfully Labour’s Trevor Mallard came to the party and thus my good self may well not be in jail until Christmas, along with the tattooist mate who didn’t give me a lift the other week.
Turns out he was in jail.
So, fair enough about the snobbing in regards to a lift back north.
Really have nothing to do with my life until yet another limbo is sorted. Have spent a ling time cut off from local community by crazy tricky bail conditions, including not being allowed into local towns due to people being scared…
Here’s one of them…

What to say about that?…
Eight months banned from town as this lovely lady and her partner are so frightened… yet he follows me and throws fingers and abuse… yet she keeps contacting and wanting to see me…
Doesn’t sound like they really have much reason to play this huge victim card constantly.
The system seems to advise victims on how to be victims… It’s about time we ALL stood up and took ownership and responsibility.
Just too busy doing nothing… Sorry.


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