Even though I was supposed to move in here June 7th, but the property agent, Rentables Levin, stuffed me around until the 20th…

Even though they then told me I had to move out after only a week as “the owner wants to move back in to sub divide and put up a new house”…

Even though this has cost me a thousand dollars of expenses…

Even though Rentables Levin took a 250 dollar “letting fee” that they refuse to refund…

Even though it’s owners and Rentables have cost me every spare bit of cash and effort and favours from friends to move in…

My back lawn, lemon,. fejoa, apple and grapefruit trees

Don’t see why 125 Liverpool Street, Levin should suffer.
After all, it is not the houses fault.

Nor, in actual fact, is it mine..

In the words of the long tme old coffee mate from Newtown…
Couldn’t agree more old nigz, couldn’t agree more…

So, maybe somewhat stupidly, have still been mowing lawns, weeding gardens, cleaning gutters, water blasting mould off concrete and even paying the rent.

Beautiful day with freshly mower applied lawn. 

Shame. The house and property love me. And I just need a place to stay and settle.



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