Meanwhile, a Caddisfly passes overhead…

trichoptera041The spectrum of life keeps giving…

Unfortunately the powers that be – Police / Health / Courts / God / Take Your Pick – have been taking control of my life.

Kicking and screaming, far from handing it over.

However, am slowly having the fight kicked out of me. Just too many things to whine about, far too many things to add together comprehensibly.

Maybe there should be a book.

Perhaps, by not writing it, there would be some credit from my god for saving you all the disappointment that reading it would inevitably bring.


Ran around like a headless chicken for a month as knew the electronic ball and chain was coming this time.

Got a bunch of projects.

Got a cheap welder.
Got a broken car.
Got some new go fast bits.
Got a garden.

Try to stay creative, if not entirely positive.

As least these lead to focusing, and therefore a little serenity.

But, life dictates to me am deserving of a very sore back. Have been avoiding the epidurals as sometimes they just leave me legless.

Today I went for a new procedure with the good Paul Hardy at Wellington Regional Hospital (CCDHB). … Came away feeling better than ever in the last six months. Sitting in front of the computer for a few hours has been neat.

Hope it doesn’t come back to bite me arse in the morning.



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