NZ Department Of Corrections reducing re offending by 2020. Yeah, right…

MY SISTER’S BIRTHDAY… Not being so happy after all. Somewhat, bad sadly nonetheless, predictably the NZ Department Of Coercions has denied me the opportunity to attend my old mates funeral Monday lunchtime. 

“Not enough time to arrange ankle bracelet change” is the excuse. Guy died on Thursday. Found out funeral date Friday, got refusal during home visit on my dead sister’s birthday this morning.

The probation officer JT was “oh, so very sorry”about this, as he stunk out my house having obviously had a previous engagement at a chemical factory producing very obnoxious and superbly copious amounts of male perfume…

Just when you get sick of fighting, something reminds you why you bother in the first place.

Am I faulty in thinking that if the world, the system, your friends, show you a little compassion, respect or belief that you feel less alienated or dissociated from society at large and will, inevitably, stand a better chance of fitting in? 

With support and beneficial relationships this is easy.

With friends who all share their problems, but know none of yours… With dictatorship style systems and processes too busy covering their own arses on a small scale to notice they are losing the bigger picture. 

With that the system fails, but capitalism wins. 


Not being allowed to your old best friends funeral may not seem like a big deal to you. 

To me, it seems no big deal to spend fifteen minutes on paperwork allowing me to attend a funeral of a guy I have known and grown up with for fourty years.

Fuck the system. Fuck the Police. Fuck capitalism.

You all almost won. I am far from the only one suffering similar seemingly vindictive treatment time and time again.

I am far from the only one really struggling to do the right things for victims, friends, family and society.

I am far from only one failing miserably.

Wish I could help you all.

That is not my Department.


      Damn right Brian. The problem being that I, as an old druggy, dealer type character has is that we get shat on from great height by almost every government service. And under this government even small business have taken the John Key mitigation strategy of just ignoring any question they cannot answer positively.


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