NZ HERALD shares Multi millionaire business guy gets caught with four grams of good old fashioned cocaine, gets name suppression made permanent, gets a small fine, almost zero percent of his net worth…. Meanwhile people like me go to jail for taking a couple of painkillers to get on with everyday life.

Fuck you NZ Justice. YOU OFFICIALLY SUCK. 

Highlighting the gap between the haves and the have knots has never been simpler.

This wanker got caught with FOUR OUNCES (over 100 grams) of pure cocaine and gets fined the equivalent of 0.0001% of his income.

The drug law in New Zealand is garbage. And, although pushed on us by Henry Anslinger followers after the bullshit prohibition on alcohol went west, must be adhered to.

If you, or dare I say it, I, were found with an amount of cocaine large enough to fall into the category of DRUG DEALING, we would be going to jail, no question. Along the way we would not get our names permanently hidden from public scrutiny.

New Zealand “JUSTICE”

Fucken UNJUST.


Community Work

Picking up a little rubbish once a week gets you out the house when on home detention ankle bracelet.

It also introduces you to problematic acquaintances…

A little like people going to N.A or rehab for the wrong reasons.

Still, no choice. ON with it.



Life goes up, down, somewhat sideways. Appearing to be circles, actually spirals. Upwards, downwards, somewhat sideways.

In the here and the now, just do it.

Diagnosing Tesla as someone similar to yourself is not narcissistic.

Meanwhile, life on an ankle bracelet sucks arse. Better of in jail in a lot of respects – socialising being chief. Us humans rarely thrive in isolation. Being excluded results in all manner of shit storm. Addiction and further disengaging from society being chief.

Us humans really thrive by being on the same wavelengths.

Tesla was ahead of his time.

Just wish he’d applied some of his science to individual humanity.

That is all for now…