RAT PARK – dribble on I do…


RAT PARK and those famous cartoons that started busting peoples steroetypical thoughts on addiction are a favourite thing of mine to bang on about.

Click and fund a motion picture.

Help get the unwashed masses thinking for themselves.

I’m off to the shower.

For it has been a long day helping neighbour move couches, fretting over car failing to fire and generally contemplating the worthless life presented as an uphill battle blotting the horizon.

Mind is a little fuzzy and cannot be bothered working out how many days since nicotine last infected my body and mind with it’s dopamine bliss.

Would be nice to have car running for event in a weeks time. However disappointment never fails to disappoint.

Still, may feel better next week. And get car running. And have a nice day of weather, petrol and rubber.

Which may take my unwashed mind away from more worrying human conditions for brief periods of bliss.

Without artificially introduced happy hormones.


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