* iNdeX *

A lot like this picture …. instead of drawing a graphic for a T-Shirt…. I did this graphic…Waves in my brain by NZFIEND.WORDPRESS.COMThis index has gone way off track.
I simply thought it not important.

Doing this picture was merely due to having the song “Captain” by Phoenix Foundation playing on the record player. 
@2:10 – Something like “If you’ve lost all hope that you’re ever gonna cope with the waves crashing in your brain…. Captain, is waiting for the…..”

But then the site stats tell me it is the fifth or sixth most looked at page. Trouble is that these PAGES do not appear on the daily stats update. So I only stumbled over it when checking to see if all the searches from Google and Bing with combinations of the words “LORDE DRUGS IS ON ?” from  had stopped. Lorde is not on drugs. Although The Love Club lyrics have me wondering what will happen in the future. As long as it is not Britney or Miley, the whole of NZ will have a deep sigh and relax. And go back to farming sheep.



Freedom is taken from the bottom. Not given from the top.


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