DAY 51 to 100


Index Oopsies 

 DAYS 1-50 | 51-100 

I just got my insurance scheme lowered…

  • And then there is giant earthquakes the next week
  • Walked 10km at least down railway track at night time
    Just because I could

Dropped needle onto record, just to hear it go WHUMP

  • When I say needle, I mean stylus.
  • First solid POO since giving up fifty odd days ago
    My concrete box of a house is still standing
  • People freak out in Earthquakes. I go with the flow. What else can you do?!
  • People in authority positions really scare me
  • Let cockroaches run the planet. They make more sense.

Need cupboard space – Give up drugs

  • Lost count of days good and proper this time!
  • Started tidying kitchen, found drugs behind the ricies!
  • Am finally throwing out all my old drug equipment.

N.A. A Social Contagion?

    No, piss off.
  • Addiction is not a disease
  • Is Addiction a contagion?

Scattered Mind, shattered coffee.

    • Spilt coffee
    • Scattered Minds book
    • The whole of chapter two, identifying ADhD, with my comments

Email from LULU & my theories on how to withdraw from drugs

  • Email from Lulu asking about methadone withdrawal
  • My long winded answer
      • I was quitting anyway
      • The cost
      • Life was getting out of hand
      • Powerless over it
    • How to give up anything with short sharp shocks
  • My daughters methadone withdrawal at birth

Self Esteem, Addict, Cancer & Stools

  • NA reading is annoying me this morning
  • Addiction is a disease (it isn’t really)
  • Cancer and attachment and a bunch of interesting theory
  • Hormones
  • A legit reason to talk about poos

Day Fifty Four or something. APA style

      • APA referencing
      • Maybe you should actually read a book you are reviewing. Wow

The good news or the bad news?

  • Tidied the house
  • Got sidetracked
  • Even opened mail. Mail from Police sucks


One Comment

  1. Uhm. Crap. Sorry, this index has long ago been forgotten. Too bad.

    If you have some cash and want an index I will write one for only $6.66 an hour.


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