Some Rants

Hell, why not.

Bandwidth for text is not going to cost me much.

I am going to start typing crap.

One day it will be read back to me and then the nurse will give me a fatal dose of whatever is currently acceptable.

Until then, I am stuck with it.

Which is cool.

No problem.

Unlike most of the internet that disappears every time someone changes their mind, this is not going to happen here.

God knows I don’t read what I write. Otherwise I would be tempted to make sure it is spelt correctly, the grammar is correct and sentences merge seamlessly into paragraph.

And, just in case you didn’t notice, there is a list when you let your mouse pointer thing hover of the SOME RANTS up there ^ in small type. 

Here’s some pictures I did… And some shit I might make… Just something to liven things up.

Good old me.

Always keen to entertain you.

nzfiend_little_green_men_3D3DM model of the C1919. Joy Division used this for their cover. I don’t know what to use the 3D version for yet.

Forget which day of withdrawal I did this,
but I was trying to do a graffix of an idea I had in the shower. Instead I did this. Pity really, I now cannot remember what the original idea was.
For Gods Sake.


This car was left parked in a storm. What do you expect really? Logs through wind screen at minimum.
But this one got the front stuffed, windscreen was fine. Over 220km/h winds at this spot…

Untitled-1996Detail from a 1996 pencil on paper drawing of mine.

daughterMy daughters drawing. She is nine and doesn’t put a lot of effort in to be honest.


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